We seek for an: “African continent where the health of rivers is protected and local river communities are resilient”.

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“To protect African rivers and nature while defending the rights of communities that depend on them.”

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Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Humanitarian Actions, Transparency, and Accountability.

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African Rivers

African Rivers is a vibrant, inclusive and gender focused international not-for-profit conservation organization legally registered under the Zambian laws pursuant to the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Act, No. 16 of 2009. The guiding philosophy for African Rivers is "Water, Life and Peace" knowing that we all cannot survive on the planet earth without rivers. A river is a symbol of freedom and an opportunity tool.


As African Rivers, we believe once the rivers are sufficiently protected they will remain healthy and safe to provide clean water, valuable to human sanitation and support wildlife habitation and ultimately remain safe for use in various economic activities on the African continent.

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Major rivers




Transboundary basins

Today, African rivers are equally under severe threat from the adverse effects of climate change and generally individual countries’ appetite for economic growth and development whose commercial strategies pose danger to the health of the rivers. However, rivers still remain very critical to the life of humans, wildlife and nature as well.


We therefore cannot survive without the rivers and hence it’s safe to conclude that life depends on rivers. Indisputably, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the health of the rivers be it in Africa or elsewhere today and in the future because its value voluntarily reaches to everyone in our communities.

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